4Art Inc Gallery is currently seeking talented and risk-taking artists to participate in its newest quarterly exhibition series, Art Diaries. ***The DEADLINE for the April-June 2010 theme, “Bound,” has been EXTENDED TO MARCH 13!***

Have you ever kept a secret from everyone except yourself? Have you ever kept a diary, confiding your secrets to paper? Imagine if your diaries were published, their pages torn from the binding, tacked to the wall like an open wound, for all the world to see. Your darkest secrets, your deepest fears… your greatest joys, your most visionary dreams, your most extraordinary revelations. And yet, for many visual artists, the canvas acts as the diary, the personal vessel that, when marked, suddenly releases something from within that could not otherwise be expressed out loud or written in a book. Art Diaries is a provocative new series that asks artists to look within themselves and visually “write” what is usually unspoken, to communicate those suppressed thoughts without actually speaking.
Art Diaries explores what happens when something that is usually kept private is shared, becoming a process of universal visual communication from artist to artist and from artist to viewer. Why do we keep diaries? If diary writing is a private act, how do diary writers relate to one another once their thoughts are exposed? What becomes of the relationship between the private and the public once this exposure takes place? Art Diaries is communication at its rawest and most profound; what we write in diaries often include words that we cannot, would not, or should not say out loud. It is in this territory that the artist reigns.
For more information, visit and look for “Bound,” the April – June 2010 theme. Submission applications are available in both PDF and HTML formats.

For more information, visit :

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