Deadline: 30th of April 2010

For this international sculpture symposium, sculptures will be made in National House exteriors and in the adjacent park of a town in Czech Republic. Sculpture in wood, preferably vertically compounded, a free motif. The material will be wood, oak, ash, poplar. The sculpture will be placed in suitable setting chosen by the organizing town. Accommodation, food, and material is guaranteed and funded by organizers and producers. Accommodation will be in a hotel, single room with shower and toilet, 200 meters from the workplace. Food will be ensured three times a day, 50 meters from the workplace. Each participant must have their personal tools and saw. High-lift track, pallets, jacks, saw sharpening and tools are ensured by the organization. Each participant covers their own transportation costs. Each participant will be awarded by 10 000 CZK after the sculpture is finished. Sculptors working in wood, with the knowledge of creating sculptures in the open air can participate, as well as students of the University / School of Applied Arts - Sculpture Studio (the last year) working in wood, with a reference of her/his professor. An invitation to participation in the symposium will be sent by a regular mail or e-mail to chosen participants at least 30 days before the symposium commencement. The date and place will be declared in the invitation.

For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities”

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