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Theme: This year, our association organize his NINTH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF MAIL ART on the theme the CLOUD -

The aim of "Larzac, village d'Europe", is to bring together all the people of many nationalities who live on the Plateau du Larzac and to establish contacts with other associations and people in Europe, who wish to take part in cultural exchanges. In general we wish to participate, on our level, in the construction of a united Europe while respecting the diversity of its cultures, a Europe open to all and not inward looking.

Technique/Format: It is our pleasure to invite you to participate by sending mail illustrated in any way you please (drawing, painting, photograph, collage, object, sculpture, etc.), on the support of your choice and in the format that suits you best. You may, if you wish, send several creations. The only requirement is the stamp, cancelled, with the address of the recipient and your return address within the illustrated portion.

Exhibition: We invite you to come and discover the works we receive from you, which will be presented from July 30 to August 5 on the village square, in Le Caylar. The exhibition will then travel to several villages and cities of our region. The works contributed will not be subject to any commercial exploitation, and will not be involved in any contest.

Documentation: We will subsequently prepare and send a souvenir document listing the name and addresses of all participants.


Deadline to be received: July 15, 2010

Larzac Village d'Europe

86, route de St-Pierre



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