A town in China is now inviting global artists to create public art. The organization is expecting public art works able to present contemporary minds, unique art opinions, and also, the quality that suit city scenery; the works will have to be able to break the boundaries between oriental and occidental, classical and contemporary, and create a surpassing city public art genre, integrating sounds, lighting and other elements and emphasizing the “interactivity” of public art. The works must be original (earlier works or newly created). There’re indoor and outdoor groups, for the selected works, 90% of which will be outdoor and 10% for indoor display. Works should focus on its relationship with city spaces, and artists can submit appropriate works according to different location.

Sculptures: feasible material for city outdoor spaces;

Sculptures integrated with installation: Works can use lighting, visual elements, or digital technology, materials that durable both indoor and outdoor exhibition. We advocate the media of works could interact with the citizen; there’s no restraint of materials, on the contrary, we encouraging the application of new materials; indoor works should pay attention to the materials and artistic expression, compared with the durability of outdoor materials. There’s no restraint on the work dimension.

Selected works will be officially permanently exhibited around the city.

Selected artists will be invited to visit the city and the organization will pay the travel expenses and the accommodation for the invited artists.

The organization will cover all the costs for the realization on place of the art works and exhibit expenses.

Every invited artist will take part in the 2010 city public art forum.

The grand opening ceremony of this exhibition will be hold on between June and July, 2010, in China.
Deadline: 15 of March 2010

For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities”

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