A Municipality in Argentina, organize its “Second International meeting and Third National meeting of sculptors in the open air”, that will take place from the 17th to 24th of April 2010 included.
The materials will be provided by the organization and they will be national white marble in blocks of 1,50 x 0,60 x 0,30 metres approximately.
The organization will provide a covered box of work of approximately 3 x 3 .
Deadline: 2 of March 2010
The energy will be composed of a 220 v. socket. The compressed air will only be available for cleaning.
The organization covers all the sculptor expenses of accommodation and meals. The organization does not pay the air or land ticket, either for national or foreign sculptors.
National artists will receive an honorarium of $ 1500 (pesos).

International Artists will receive an honorarium of $ 2000 ( pesos)
The realized sculptures will remain ownership of the organization.
For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities”

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