This International Pleinair of Sculptors is an event which is arranged by a town in Germany and that will take place from June 18t h, 2010 to June 28t h, 2010. The organizer provides the participants with logs which are 50 centimetres in diameter, lifting gear and means for hitting the first blow (temporarily)/ petrol-mixture 1:50 and bio-chain oil. The participants work only with their own tools – electric or petrol chain saws are

allowed. The sculptures created must be able to stand by themselves or on a base (wood, steel, stone or concrete). Two sculptures created in the course of the pleinair will be chosen by a jury and will be purchased by the organization at a price of 2 000 Euro each plus7% VAT. All the other sculptures stay in the ownership of the sculptors who created them. During

the final day of the event the sculptures can be sold according to legal regulations. The organizer gets a commission of 20% in case of a sale. Should a sale not be achieved it is

agreed to present the sculpture – free of charge – in the town for a period of one year aiming at a subsequent sale.The organization provides free food and lodging for the participating sculptors. Every participant is granted an expense allowance to the amount of 300 Euro. It is intended to hold the pleinair with six to eight sculptors.

For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities

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