Tarot Artist Cards

Tarot Artist Cards

1st International Call From EL Escarabajo MAIL - ARTE POSTAL Mexico.
Theme: We invite mail artists from around the world to participate in mail art exhibition covering the Tarot. The artist must create their own cards or in part on the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. You may submit from 1 to 22 cards.
Format: May be mailed in an envelope but the cards should be either 10cm x 15cm or 13cm x 18cm.
Technique: Free
No Returns, No Jury.
Please include your name, address, email and website or blog.
All work will be exhibited in a Toluca Museum.
Documentation to all participants. Submitted works also published on our blog:

No sales, but the works may be reproduced by the organizers for informative or educational purposes, as well as making printed reproductions for the purpose of organizing additional exhibitions.

The call is not competitive, no jury or prizes.
Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of all conditions.
More information: maxjvs@gmail.com

Deadline to be received: July 30, 2010

Jorge Valdes
APT. Postal # 4
C.A.P. Toluca # 3
Central Camionera
C.P. 50141
Toluca, México

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