open call: Caffeinated Correspondence (two perfs)

Caffeinated Correspondence (two perfs)

Theme: Most of my ideas are caffeine inspired on sleepless nights I fill my art journal with sketches and catch phrases hoping to remember the reason I thought it was a good idea in the morning. What ideas come to you when you are wired?
Media/Size: free as long as it is mailed through traditional mail systems.
No returns
Exhibition: I have a traveling mail art collection, goes to open art shows, hospitals, kids art classes. If you would like a response or credit then please include necessary information.
Documentation: If you would like a picture and brief message updates of who enjoys looking at your piece of art then
include your email on what would be considered the back side.
Deadline to be received: November 30, 2010
Buggurl Productions / E J Terrian
1403 Howland
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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