9th INTERNATIONAL COMICS FESTIVAL Happy Gallery SKC Belgrade, September 29th – October 2nd, 2011


SKC Happy Gallery
Kralja Milana 48
11 000 Belgrade

Propositions and rules: 
• Participants are not age-limited
• HIGH QUALITY COPIES ONLY, up to 4 pages, will be accepted. Works have to be sent via post office (e-mails excluded). Along with their work, participants are also required to send a filled APPLICATION FORM for the 9th International Comics Festival Contest which can be downloaded HERE
• Required language: English
• Theme, style, technique and genre are free-choice 
• Page numbers should be written on the back of each page

(incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration)

• Submitted works will be reviewed by the jury and selected works will be shown at the Festival exhibition. 

Awards & Prizes: 
• Grand prix of the Festival (includes 1000 €) 
• Awards for the best traditional style comic, the best alternative comic, the best script and the best graphics
• Special jury award for inventiveness 
• Awards in the category up to 15 years of age: Young Lion special award (the best entry in the category), Special jury award for the best idea, Special jury award for maturity and imagination 
• Special jury award for the youngest contestant 
• Sponsors’ prizes

Additional information: e-mail: srecnagalerija@skc.rs

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