Deadline: July 15 th 2010

A town hall in Spain announces its III water colour


All the national artists or foreigners can participate with

a maximum of two works for author, provided that they are

resident in the European union.

The theme of the work will be free and the used technique

will be the water colour.

Every participant can introduce a maximum of two works. The

works will have to be introduced, necessarily framed by a

wood bar, smooth, strong, of 4 cms. and protected by

metacrilato; protection with glass is not admitted. All the

costs of shipping and restitution of the works, to their

point of origin, will be paid by the organization. With the

selected works, an exhibition will be organized from the 1

to the 12 of September 2010 in the Exhibition Room of a

Museum, situated in the city.

Prize of 3.000 Euro gross and Diploma. The Jury will

announce its decision on July 30. The winning work will

remain ownership of the organization.

For detailed information on how to participate ( integral

announcement with required documentation and contact

address), please visit the web site: www.callforart.com at

the section "Opportunities”

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