Deadline: 5th of March 2010

A town of Luxembourg is organizing a Wood Sculpture

symposium from 28th of June to the 3rd of July 2010. The

Town is offering accommodation and base wood material to 3

artists. The sculptures will be realized on a public site.

Material: tree trunk 1,50 – 2 meters , diameter +/- 80 cm

is offered to the artists. All other material necessary to

realize the sculpture will be brought by the artists

(security clothes, wood saw ). Theme: The Earth. The invited

artists will receive a unique allowance of 1500 Euro. Travel

costs will be covered by the organization for a maximum of

200 Euro for every selected artist not resident in Luxemburg

and 100 Euros to every resident. All work will be part of a

group show at the end of the competition. All works will

remain property of the town.

For detailed information on how to participate ( integral

announcement with required documentation and contact

address), please visit the web site: www.callforart.com at

the section "Opportunities”

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