Inscrições abertas: Yes, guys, Vamos dominar o mundo!

Your Doctor in Mail Art

Theme: How do you see your doctor? Is he/she a good help to you and do you feel blessed by having this good health care giver? Or are you afraid, angry and/or distrusting whenever you visit your doctor? Or is he/she invisible to you as until now you didn’t need any medical care at all? How would you translate your thoughts, vision, feelings, opinion about him or her into Mail Art?

Size/Technique: All media are okay, preferable on postcard size (10x15 cms), maximum A4 (about 20x30 cms).
Exhibition: A selection of the mail art will be part of an exhibition in a location where doctors have access to, probably in October 2010.
Documentation: All artwork will be shown in an online exhibition as long as your mail art which shows your doctor... a portrait, a situation, special things or whatever is welcomed, as long as it's clear that he/she is Your Doctor!

All entries will be published on
Deadline to be received: August 17, 2010

My Doctor in Mail Art
Postbus 581
1180 AN Amstelveen
the Netherlands

THE OWL (one perf)

Theme: The Owl
size: free
no returns
documentation online at:
all works must be sent by post
please include a photo of yourself, some lines of biography, postal and e-mail address
deadline to be received August 25, 2010

The Owl
Claudio Grandinetti
Via Popilia 208/B
87100 Cosenza

The Origin of Addresses (three perfs)

Theme: The use of street signs and house numbers was introduced in The Netherlands about 1795. Before that time a house was indicated by anything that might be notable about it. In most cases reference was made to a particular distinguishing mark that had often been fitted on to it for this purpose and had the additional property of being a sort of emblem for the occupant. How were addresses indicated in other parts of the world in the days when house numbering had not yet been introduced?

* send a description of the former system in your town or country
* images of the remnants of the system
* old maps of your town with indications of addresses
Size and technique: free
Documentation to all participants
Online gallery on:
Deadline to be received: August 30, 2010


The Museum of Instant Images
Beckershagen 15 - Chaam -
4861SE Pays Bas
The Netherlands

Mail Art Call (two perfs)

To introduce mail art in Indonesia ,we, Bantul National Museum (BNM) an independent mini museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, invite all of you mail art activists and mail art lovers to promote our program to introduce mail art works in Indonesia. BNM hopes the project will communicate that mail art can foster mutual respect, acceptance and understanding for everyone, everywhere without differences.
Exhibition: October 10, 2010.
Size: min. 10x15 cm; max 25x30 cm
You can send it as postcard or as a letter in envelope.
Please include your name, address, e-mail, contact person, and CV
Info: or
Deadline to be received: August 31, 2010

Secretariat BNM
RT. 06, Bangmalang, Cepit ,
Pendowoharjo, Sewon , Bantul
Yogyakarta, 55185

09 ***** SEPTEMBER 2010

Learning Differences (4 perfs)Theme: Please send mail art on the topic of learning disabilities.
Size/Media: free
Exhibition: Elgin Art Showcase in September 2010
Documentation: to all participants
No returns
In addition, we would appreciate very much if you would complete this survey, to be displayed with your artwork.
As someone with learning differences:
1. What in particular made school difficult for you?
2. What could have made your experience better?
3. How has overcoming these difficulties helped you later in life?
4. How has LD affected your career/life choices?
5. What advice would you give a young person struggling with LD currently?
Deadline to be received: September 1, 2010

407 South Liberty Street
Elgin, IL 60120


Recipes ... (three perfs)

Theme: Museum of Ornamental Post East Gallery Cafe call for recipes for pies, desserts, poetry, mail art, disaster or your best food p0rn
Media/Technique: free
Exhibition: Sept 1 to Oct 1.
Deadline to be received: September 1, 2010

457 Craven Road
Toronto, ON
Canada M4L 2Z5


Mailmania 4 (four perfs)
4th Biennial: An open call for submissions for an upcoming 4th Biennial exhibition of all forms of mailart.
Media/Technique/Size: Post Cards, ATCs, Artist stamps, envelopes, or whatever will make it through the postal system. This will be the final exhibition in this biennial event.
Exhibition: Studio J, Victoria, BC, September 16-30, 2010 and Slide Room Gallery, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, BC, CANADA, October 8th - November 8th, 2010 - 2549 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA
Documentation: Online at
Please include name, address and email
Deadline to be received: September 4, 2010
Dale Roberts
Studio J - 1324 Broad Street
Victoria, BC


What the sea means to me (four perfs)
Theme: mail art call on the them of the sea or oceans
Media/technique: free
Exhibition: Art work will be exhibited at a teacher education workshop on Terceira island, Azores, Portugal.
Deadline to be received: September 10, 2010

Alison Neilson
University of the Azores
9701-851 Angra do Heroismo

Recycling lost words (four perfs)
Theme: forgotten, remote, unusual, hidden words
forgotten letters, poems in a drawer,
old norms, rhymes and…..
free format
technique: free, but only on recycled materials
no return, no fees, no selection, no jury
send by mail only, no e-mail
Please provide your name, surname, nationality and e-mail address
Exhibition in Verona, 2010. Date to be announced.
Documentation on-line:
Deadline to be received: September 15, 2010

Donne inpuntadipenna

Via dei Peschi 6A


The Myth of Power (four perfs)

Theme: Open call for artists to submit artwork that responds to the theme of POWER. Explore and interpret individual conceptions of “power,” whether used for harm or for good; in regards to social doctrine, hierarchy, gender or racial inequity, or other forces of power, influence, or domination. Artists are encouraged to demonstrate or explore imagery of physical strength, heroism, idols, sovereigns, icons, etc.
Sizes: up to 11” x 17”
Technique/Media: All media will be accepted including mixed media, Collage, Digital art, Painting, Printmaking, and Photography. Collage and/or the use of imagery are encouraged.
No returns.
Exhibition: All submissions will be exhibited in the Myth of Power art Exhibition from October 16 – November 12, 2010 at 1310 Gallery, Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts, Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Opening night of The Myth of Power exhibition on October 16, 2010, will be part of the First Annual ART FALLOUT art tour and will be featured in a catalogue and news reports.
Documentation: all submissions will also be viewable online on my blog at

Deadline to be received: September 15, 2010
Lisa Rockford
1310 SW 2nd Ct., Apt 301
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312,

Hileia : Hyleia, green hell, lost paradise, world lung, Eldorado..." (four perfs)

THEME: Send your work about trees, sun, water, animals or people related to the Amazon"
Technique: free
No returns and no sales
EXHIBITION: Silvia Matos Ateliê de Criatividade, Campinas, SP, Brazil
DOCUMENTATION: all works will be published at
DEADLINE to be received: September, 30, 2010

Grupo Antropoantro - Olivia Niemeyer
Av. Deputado Gioia Junior
342 - cond. Rio das Pedras
CEP 13085 125 Campinas, S.Paulo

World Without Water? (three perfs)

Technique: free
Size: postcard
Exhibition: during a festival for children (Thanks for taking into account the targeted public).
Deadline to be received: September 30, 2010

Pascal Minart - Artotem
43, rue Saint Exupéry

10 ***** OCTOBER 2010

Octopus (three perfs)
Theme: Collective book of mail art. Send 18 works that are numbered and signed, for making up a series of volumes with different artists in each. Each volume will contain a minimum of 14 artworks, one per artist. Modify
each copy in order to make them unique originals.
Size: 14.8 X 21 cm (A5 vertical)
Technique: free - printings, drawings, paintings, photographs, collages...
Documentation: Each participant will receive a volume.
Deadline to be received: October 1, 2010.

Carlos Botana
General Sanjurjo, 62 - 2º
15006 A Coruña
Galicia - España/Spain


Theme: "Fruits of our own fantasy – that’s what we can love truly and worship..."

This is a mail-art project devoted to 200 year anniversary of Russian poet of the 19th century Michael Lermontov. The image of Demon is one of the most important in Lermonov`s art. His Demon is an angel banished from the sky but not accepted by the earth. Obsessed, impassioned, rejected by everybody rushing over the sinful earth between the good and the evil. Demon is doomed to create the evil but his heart is opened for love. The image of Demon is a personification of the inner world of Lermontov himself who was killed in a duel in 1841 at the age of 27. Lermontov's Demon is the solitude and the estrangement, the anxiety and the depravity and at the same time the intellect and the craft. The image of Demon is infinitely contradictory and many-sided. Many poets, painters and composers addressed to the topic of demonism in their art.

The basis of this mail-art project is a peculiar historical art parallel of Lermontov`s Demon with the creative process of Russian talented painter Michael Vrubel which he had at the beginning of 20th century working over his masterpieces devoted to the image of Demon.

Exhibition: Kazan, Actor’s House. November 2010.
Format: free.
Technique: free.
Documentation to all participants.
Deadline to be received: October 1, 2010.

Valery Shimanovsky
P.O. Box 804
423578 RUSSIA


EARTH (four perfs)

Format/Technique: Free
Documentation to all participants
Exhibition: Letras & Cia Storebook
On Line:
Deadline to be received: October 10, 2010

Nadia Poltosi

90040340 Porto Alegre


Day of the Dead Exhibition (three perfs)

Theme: Life After Death - (Whatever that means to you!). Background: Dia de Los Muertos is an ancient celebration of the lives of the dead, combining European and Indigenous Indian traditions in Mexico. Revolving around the notion that the dead, both adults and children, return to visit once a year, preparations are made by the living to help guide the souls back ( from wherever), and welcome them with food, drink, and festivities and ritual. While this may be the inspiration for the mail call –we ask artists to be creative, inventive and true to themselves .

The question is: How do people…cultures….you, deal with death and the memories of loved ones? What happens to the dead? What happens to those of left behind? How do you honor and remember those who have gone before?

Media: free

Format: Postcards only - size free

Requests: Please put the title, image (artwork) and stamps on the front of your entry. Please include your name, e-mail address & physical address and any other information you would like to share on the back.

This exhibit will be in a city facility open to the public, including families and children. Please submit work suitable for this type of venue.

Exhibition: Work selected based on space and suitability, will be exhibited in conjunction with an annual “Dia De Los Muertos” Exhibit at the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum, opening October 29, 2010. (Help us out here- we do not want to censure artists and will make every effort to include ALL entries)

Documentation: A digital presentation will be compiled of the work, and will be posted on the museum website.


Deadline to be received: October 10, 2010

Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum

Day of the Dead

2425 Boxwood,

Harlingen, TX 78850



*MAIL US ART* (four perfs)

Theme: Mail Us Art - any example of your artistic work

Technique, size: free (all subjects and forms are acceptable)

No returns.

Exhibition: lasting from October 15th till November 30th, 2010 in Centrum Kultury Zamek, Wroclaw, Poland

Mail Us Art call is held as a part of the Wroclaw Mail Art Project 2010. This project includes mail art workshop, meetings and an exibition.

Documentation: All works will be published on the website:


Deadline to be received: October 15, 2010.


Centrum Kultury Zamek

pl. Świetojański 1

54-076 Wroclaw


11 ***** NOVEMBER 2010

Caffeinated Correspondence (two perfs)

Theme: Most of my ideas are caffeine inspired on sleepless nights I fill my art journal with sketches and catch phrases hoping to remember the reason I thought it was a good idea in the morning. What ideas come to you when you are wired?

Media/Size: free as long as it is mailed through traditional mail systems.

No returns

Exhibition: I have a traveling mail art collection, goes to open art shows, hospitals, kids art classes. If you would like a response or credit then please include necessary information.

Documentation: If you would like a picture and brief message updates of who enjoys looking at your piece of art then

include your email on what would be considered the back side.


Deadline to be received: November 30, 2010

Buggurl Productions / E J Terrian

1403 Howland

Kalamazoo, MI 49001



ART FOR DIVERSITY (four perfs)

Theme: The world has all colors

Send an original.

Technique/Size: free

No jury selection

Exhibition: at the Museum of Fine Arts of Paraná, coordinated by Silvina Luchi and the Art Department of Inadi Entire Rios.

Documentation: to all participants .


Deadline to be received: November 30, 2010



25 de mayo 114

Paraná CP 3100

Entre Ríos


12 ***** DECEMBER 2010

No Commercial Potential (five perfs)

Theme: The production of an art that fits exclusively one’s own creative needs without stooping to compromises to make it into consumer goods.

Format: free

Technique free: 2 & 3 d, music, video, performance, poetry and small stories(on digital support)

no return, no fee, no selection, no jury

(No pornography please)

Please include name, surname, country, address + e-mail address (for notification of final documentation) and web site if one exists.

All works must be send by post with postage stamps.

Documentation: pdf catalog by Claudio Romeo and online catalogue on the website:


Galleria Terre Rare - Bologna

Garage N.3 Gallery - Venezia Mestre

Spazio espositivo "Barrique" - Scriò di Dolegna del Collio GO


Event organized in collaboration with:

DodoDada Arte Postale -

Terre Rare - http://

Ambasciata di Venezia :

Reantà Non Ordinaria -

Deadline to be received: December 10, 2010

Maurizio Follin

Via M.te Cervino, 27

30173 Favaro Venezia



"Planet of Love" and/or "Inspiricy" (three perfs)

Theme: The word inspiricy means the opposite of a conspiracy. Send mail art based on your interpretation of either topic.

Media/Technique: Free - drawings, paintings, illustrations, photographs, poems, visual poetry, songs, sounds, objects, etc.

Please sign the front of your art and put name, address and email on the back.

Exhibition: I will attempt to arrange a public exhibition, but that will depend on how much art comes in and finding a location in 2011.

Documentation: A DVD with some "Planet of Love" music that's been composed for me, and video of the artwork will be provided to all participants.


Deadline: December 30, 2010

Denise Hunley

13303 Kit Lane

Dallas, TX 75240



Otto von Bismarck (four perfs)

Theme: send your mail art on the famous politician Otto von Bismarck.

Technique/Size: free

Exhibition: In 2011, there will be a Mail Art Exhibition in Bad Kissingen, Museum Obere Saline - Bismarck Museum (Germany).

Documentation: A Press release of the event will follow the show.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010.

Roland Halbritter

Muehlweg 15

97720 Nuedlingen



Brain Cell (five perfs)

Media/Technique: Please send me your stamp design, rubberstamp, or 150 stickers or seals. Brain Cell is always seeking a change, does not intend to settle and care of it’s extension of the Network. So... don’t mail a lump of stuff for several issues. Please send them to me one issue at a time, Thank you!

Documentation: I will print or paste these materials onto the A3 size paper, creating 150 sheets. I will then send a sheet back with a list of addresses to each participant. I will publish at intervals of 8 to 10 days at that time will include 60 people or so.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Ryosuke Cohen c/o Brain Cell

3-76-1-A-613 Yagumokitacho, Moriguchi City

Osaka 570



10 Years of Boxes and Envelopes (four perfs)

Theme: a collective and continual time capsule project

Technique/Media: Within a box, envelope or other container place an item or items that you wish to include in your personal time capsule. This may come in the form of a letter, drawing, photo or object. You may wish to include something that is significant or symbolic of who you are at this time, or the way you perceive the world around you. What you place in your time capsule is completely up to you (please do not include any illegal, organic or dangerous materials as customs may confiscate them). Seal your vessel. Label the outside of your container with the project title, your name (or alias), addresses and the date it was sealed.

Exhibition: Each capsule will remain sealed until the project concludes on September 1, 2019 (all work that arrives before this date will be included). On the day of the Grand Opening (location and times to be decided at a later date), visitors will be invited to open the capsules and the contents will be documented and exhibited (locally and on-line).

Documentation: All participants will receive an official certificate of participation, project sticker and post card once your capsule has been received. Please feel free to design and decorate your capsule as you please. Upon being received they will be photographed and documented progressively at:


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010


PO Box 15


QLD, 4054



The Seven Wonders of the world (four perfs)

Theme: Illustrate one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World :Pyramid, Hanging gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, lighthouse of Alexandria... or any other wonder of the medieval or modern world : Mont Saint Michel, Taj Mahal, Leaning tower of Pisa, Channel Tunnel, Empire State building, Millau Viaduct etc...

Technique: Free

No jury - No returns

All creations will be published online

Documentation: will be sent to each participant at the end of the project.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Servane Morel

Avenue Wellington, 4

1180 Bruxelles



ALL THAT JAZZ !!! & STILL NO FREEDOM ??? (five perfs)

Theme: This will be the new FRIOUR project. Personally I don't know any music that embodies more the thirst for freedom than jazz music. Jazz includes the notions of improvisations and excitement. It liberated the soul and hearts of many, opened new roads and ways of playing music and listening to music. In recent years I've become a huge jazz fan and became even friends with a few Belgian jazz musicians, attending concerts and festivals as much as I could. Despite all that jazz there is little room for improvisation in business life, personal life and society as a whole. Do people need a worldwide crisis to be controlled? Blow all fear away and send your contributions for the next Friour Review issue.

Free medium.

Maximum size: A4.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010.

Friour #11, All that Jazz & still no Freedom

Guido Vermeulen

Vinçottestreet 81

B-1030 Brussels



ANY PENNY (five perfs)

Theme: Mail art call for the 1st South-Russia Biennale of Contemporary Art in Rostov on Don to be held May-June 2010. The theme of the Biennale this year is: Communication Session. As part of the Biennale, we are conducting a mail art project on the theme: ANY PENNY, to celebrate the 170th anniversary of first postage stamp called THE PENNY BLACK. The project is dedicated to stamps as a visual communicative Image, Its "Any" looks of artists to stamp–money and art-stamp. Any Penny - Any stamps!

Technique: Artworks about stamps, from stamps, artistamps or any artworks that maintain a stamp-style. Art-money is also welcomed.

Size: from 2x2cm to 20x30cm

All artworks will be exhibited

No returns.

Answer to all with “Any Penny”

Deadline to be received: for Moscow (and maybe St. Petersburg) Exhibition December 31, 2010


Konstantin Kalendaroff

Lihov per. 2/3-8

Moscow 127051



Random Generation Postal Project (two perfs)

Theme: We would like to set up a project that enables people to ‘generate’ a random address for them to write to. The big idea is to send people letters, and receive letters yourself. You won’t know this person but they may have something interesting to say, they may not. We think it will be fun, who knows what will happen?

We will create a website that anyone can join. After an individual joins, a random address from those submitted will be provided. This will be the address the new member will write to. Those who join will also be able to create a profile to which they can upload/scan in received letters.

From this archive of people's posts, we would like to create a publication, which could be in the form of a magazine or a book. If the project grows to be very popular, we would like to publish yearly annuals.

FIRST AND FORMOST! We thought it would be a grand idea to have an event of address swapping, to start the ball rolling, and to begin our archiving of addresses for the random generator.

Media/Size: Postcards can be of any size and contain any artwork/text/visuals but must have your postal address on them.

Exhibition: Your postcards/addresses will be exhibited at an event in York, England (date TBA). People who attend the event will choose an address from the exhibition-style event, and they will send you a letter!

Documentation: We will post everything we have received, and the pics of the event via our tumblr page;


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Send your postcard to any of the following addresses:


Flat 4a Low Ousegate




47 Elm Road

Burscough, Ormskirk


L40 7RJ, UK


59-61 Sunderland St., Unit 8

Macclesfield, Chesire

SK11 6HN, UK


A Mailart Zine

Theme: Now envisaged as a glossy digital magazine in the style of Oprah's O magazine!

Early editions available at

The new zine will be available from

For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique: artworks, essays, reviews, poetry, photography etc.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

191 : Planet Dada

11 Menin Road, Allestree

Derby DE22 2NL



PEACE (two perfs)

Theme: What does PEACE mean to you?

Size/Technique: All art must be on one standard letter postcard sizes: 6 x 4¼, 7 x5, or 8 ½ x 6 inches. Artwork can be either horizontal or vertical. All forms of artwork are encouraged - go wild.

All artwork can be mailed as a postcard or sent inside an envelope.

Multiple submissions are welcome.

The back of the postcard must include: artist’s name, full mailing address, and title of artwork

Documentation: All artwork will be posted on my website.

Exhibition: Planning to have an exhibition in January 2011 in Newport, RI.


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Nancy Rafi

25 Fairfield Drive

North Kingstown, RI 02852



The Wise Monkeys (four perfs)

Theme: The emblem of the City of Chauny (Aisne - France) depicts The Wise Monkeys. The origin of the monkeys of Chauny is rather unclear. Some local historians thought that they represented the tumblers, jugglers and trainers of diverse animals which were established in the brotherhood to Chauny. Rabelais, who certainly saw the jugglers of Chauny, speaks about them in Gargantua.

This project is opened to all.

Technique: free. All techniques are accepted.

Size: 21 cm X 30 cm, bound support (able to be bound in a book).

You must represent your vision of the "monkeys of wisdom".

You can use the back of your work to write a biography or information concerning yourself.

Exhibition: An exhibition of the received works will take place in the cultural center of Chauny, the Forum, at the beginning of the year on 2011. The precise dates of exhibition will be posted on our blog. At the conclusion of the exhibition the works will be manually bound by "E" to create artists' books which will be given to schools and media libraries of the region. The works will also have a second life in an itinerant exhibition in 2011. The works will not be sent back to the artists and will remain the property of "E" for the other itinerant exhibitions …

Documentation: We will post the received works on our blog and provide information on the progress of the project. Http://

Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

" E " – Ambassade d’Utopia

38 grande rue

02300 Guivry



Florence is innocent (four perfs)

Theme: Justice, Freedom, Political/Police Corruption - Postcards should bear the mention : Florence is innocent. Please read:

We want to raise awareness and support for Florence Cassez in the region of Wervik and around the world and engage participants to reflect upon the importance of freedom and the need for an honest judicial system.

Size : Postcard, maximum size 10.5 x 21 cm or US half letter.

Technique: Free - Drawing, collage, calligraphy, stamp, painting, etc,

Participation : Open to all.

No jury, No sales, No returns

Exhibition: -Postcards will be displayed in the window of the Florence Cassez Steuncomitee. An exhibition will take place in February 2011 in Wervik, Belgium, at the Sint-Janskapel, Steenakker 30, 8940 Wervik. Postcards will later be shown at various other events in support of Florence Cassez.

Documentation: Postcards will be posted on our website. We will publish only your name and country of residence, unless you allow us to give more information (street, city).


Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Florence Cassez Steuncomitee

Magdalenastraat 67

8940 Wervik


who I am (four perfs)

Theme: Show who you are, what you are, what you will be = what makes you yourself?

format: max. A 4

technique: free

no fee, no jury, no returns

exhibition: may 2011 in Greifswald, Germany



For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.

Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

cindy schmid

guetzkower str. 70

17489 greifswald


01 ***** JANUARY 2011

Artist STAMPS (one perf)

Theme: State stamps or mail art stamps? Make artistamps and send them on an envelope.

Size, media and technique: free

No returns, no fee, no jury

Answer to all with a paper assembling car model

DEADLINE to be received: January 30, 2011

Giovanni Lattuca

Viale Italia, 36

I-93017 S. Cataldo-CL


02 ***** FEBRUARY 2011

There is a "Message in a Bottle"....for you (four perfs)

Theme: my new mailart project is an invitation to bottle your thoughts, visions, messages, images, dreams... and let that inspiration flow freely into an ocean of ideas.

Format and techniques: free

Documentation: Sent to each partecipant. All mail art received will also be kept and posted on our blog


Deadline to be received: February 18, 2011


Postfach 1140

82319 Starnberg



The Face of Jesus Christ (four perfs)

Theme: Send your Creative Portrait of the Face of Christ ONLY - Please do not use this mail art call to bash Christianity or for political purposes to hurt anyone.

Medium : Open

Size : Open

No jury, No fee

Artists may submit up to 4 pieces of MailArt

Exhibition: Art Gallery to host International MailArt Exhibit in March 2011 -

Documentation: in printed form sent by snail mail as well as on Website Exhibition Page. All participants will receive documentation.


Deadline to be received: February 20, 2011

Sharon Silverman

P.O. Box 1212

Haverhill, MA 01831



Tree (four perfs)

Theme: The Association for Arts and Culture of Mailhat in France is organizing a mail art call on the theme of the tree.

Technique/Format: envelopes, cards and other art that can be mailed.

No returns.

Exhibition: starting March 19, 2011 in Mailhat 63 Puy de Dôme.

Documentation to all.

Deadline to be received: February 28, 2011

Françoise Soupel


63570 Lamontgie


03 ***** MARCH 2011

TULIPS (four perfs)

Theme: tulip is the flower which always brings to mind Holland. Magda has been working on this theme since the 20th century…

Size and technique free

No returns, no fees, no jury

Documentation: to all participants. Please include your address.

DEADLINE to be received March 30, 2011

Magda Lagerwerf

Weenderstraat 23

NL-9551 TJ Sellingen


09 ***** SEPTEMBER 2011

I love Brazilian Culture (four perfs)

Theme: As part of the 3rd Biennale des Arts Brésiliens of Brussels, we are conducting a mail art project on the theme: I love Brazilian Culture.

All artists, residents in Brazil and the world, Brazilian or not, are invited to send mail art on any aspect of the Brazilian culture for the exhibition at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles in Brussels, Belgium.

Send your work about all aspects of Brazilian culture : dance, cults, music, football, martial art, food, tourism, native and afro brazilian culture, nature, literature, popular art, cinema, people diversity, language, etc

Size: Postcards 10 x 15 cm - maximum 3 postcards per artist

NO RETURN – NO SELECTION – NO JURY (erotic images, violent, racist or insulting works will not be included in the show)

Technique: collage, draw, painting…

Exhibition: at the Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, in Brussels, Septembre 2011, as part of the 3rd Biennial des Arts Brésiliens de Bruxelles. I also plan on having a mail art show around Brazil in 2014 (world cup of football) and 2106 (Olympics) - Date to be announced.

Documentation: All works will be posted on the blog

all works must be sent by post

Please provide your name, surname, nationality and e-mail address .


Deadline to be received for the 3th Biennial: September 15, 2011

Inêz da Silva

Rue Saint Bernard, 17- bte 54

1060 Brussels


10 ***** OCTOBER 2011

Mail Art Biennial "Desliz" 20 (four perfs)

Theme: Mail Art Biennial is an event that hosts artwork from around the world and unites all in a single book that is displayed in a Cuban alternative cultural space. We have just published the Mail Art Biennial 2009 (convened in October 2007), which was presented in book form on October 29, 2009, the day of opening the call for the Biennial 2011. Check out the artwork.


Technique/Media: Submit a visual artwork or literary work. Each mailart piece must be submitted on a crumpled sheet of paper signed by the author.

Please include your email and mailing addresses in a separate document or printed on the back of the artwork.

Documentation: All works submitted will be displayed as they are received on the Mail Art Biennial website starting July 15, 2011. Participants will also receive digital documentation via email.

Exhibition: The collective book edition will be put on permanent display in a Cuban alternative cultural space.

Deadline to be received: October 29, 2011

Bienal de Mail Art Desliz 2011

Enna 402 esquina Fábrica - Luyanó

Municipio 10 de Octubre

Ciudad de La Habana

Cuba C.P. 10700

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