Fourth International Printmaking Juried Exhibit Call to Participate Mexico 2011.

Inscrições abertas para a Exposição no México. Os trabalhos devem estar lá até dia 15 de abril. Para ler a matéria, use o tradutor do site.

AthensArt is invited to participate in the:
Fourth International Printmaking Juried Exhibit Prints for Peace 2011 Monterrey, NL México, dedicated to Greece
All artists wishing to participate should mention that they are members of AthensArt. The Greek artists will have a special place in the exhibition. For more information please contact

Deadline for receiving Print in Monterrey: April 15 2011
The Art/Human Development Project and Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales invites all Printmaking Artists to participate in the Fourth International Printmaking Exhibit; Prints for Peace 2011 in Monterrey NL México.
All prints that have the required specifications will be exhibited in June and July at
Arte AC / Tecnológico de Monterrey
A selection of 50 prints chosen by a jury will be displayed on the invitation and poster.
The first prize jury award is the opportunity of a solo exhibit in 2012. The second prize jury award is the opportunity to participate in the Third International Printmaking Collective in 2012.
There is no entry fee in lieu of the donation of the print to the Prints for Peace Collection and Art/Human Development Workshop of Casa Hogar el Refugio a youth shelter in Monterrey, NL México.
Our visiting country is Greece this year. 
A panel discussion promoting Peace will be organized in combination with the exhibit. The Specifics: Only prints that comply with the regulations will, be exhibited. The prints that do not comply will not be returned.
1. Prints: Each artist should send one original hand pulled print. No digital, photos or copies accepted.
2. Paper Size : 10 x 10 inches or 25 x 25 cm. Image size can vary or bleed out of the paper. The paper size is extremely important. The image can be any size.
3. Theme: Peace.
4. Medium: Entries may feature any technique of printmaking and should be signed.
Deadline: April 15, 2011. Prints received in Monterrey. If the print is late we will save it for next year.
6. Please include a print appropriate for all audiences. They will eventually be included in other events involving school children.
By sending a print, the artist gives permission to use the print and its image in other non-profit educational events about peace.
The prints will not be sold; they will become part of the collection Prints for Peace Arte/Desarrollo Humano Workshop of Casa Hogar el Refugio Monterrey NL, México.
7. Exhibits: All Prints will be exhibited. The Photos of the exhibit will be posted on the same page as the Art in the web. Selections of 50 Prints will be exhibited in other galleries. Please see more information in our web page:
8. Awards. The first and second prize winners will be announced in August 2011. The first prize will be awarded a solo exhibit in Monterrey, NL. The artist will send 12 to 15 original prints with pass partout (cardboard window) and without frame. The committee will frame the prints and send back the original prints without the pass partout (cardboard window) or the frame.
Collective exhibit. The artist awarded the second price will send three prints with pass partout to the Third International Printmaking Collective in 2012. Ten artists will participate. The theme is free. The first and second prize winners are asked to donate one print to Arte/Desarrollo Humano to be used for future exhibits.
9. Web Gallery. As well as the exhibition, the prints that comply with the regulations will be exhibited in the Web gallery of and
10. Entry Form: The application (entry) form should accompany the work, including the name and the nationality of the artist as well as the title, year and the technique used in the work. Please print the entry form in a letter size paper.
The entry form is below these regulations.
11. Address: The works should be sent to:

Guadalupe Victorica/
PO Box/Correos Tecnologico #2175/
Eugenio Garza Sada 2501/                                                                                                                            Monterrey NL 64841/

14. Sending Work: Please send Print by air-mail well protected, unframed, without window or passé par tout.
The print should be protected with a rigid cardboard or similar so that it cannot bend in the mail. Please allow enough time for the print to be here on time. Please send the print as "No commercial value" and “Please do not Bend”.
Please note: packages with declared amounts of money arrive directly in the customs to pay duty. These packages will not be received.
15. Information: Please have only this information in the back of the print written in pencil: complete name , title of Print, technique, year.
16. E-mail. Please RSVP by e-mail if you are able to do so to: . If possible, please send a message indicating your intention to participate.
When we receive your print we will post the names in our web page. All other matters will be resolved by the Prints for Peace Committee. For more information please contact us at
Fourth International Printmaking exhibitPrints for Peace 2011 Entry Form Monterrey, NL México.


Please print clearly or use computer in a regular letter size paper.
Artist Name___________________________________
City and Country______________________________________
Title of Print________________________________________
Technique and year______________________________________________ ________________________________________
An electronic mail address for contact____________________________________
Web site if available____________________________________
Note about the print and or message of peace ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________
I give permission to Prints for Peace to use the image for promotional material. I donate the print to be used in activities related to the promotion of Peace and educational purposes. The Prints will not be sold.

Name and Signature__________________________________

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