Deadline: February 20 th 2010
The object of the present contest is the selection, according to the criterion of a local Jury, of a project for the execution of a sculpture at open air in a town Spain. A prize of Euro 6000 included IVA will be offered to the participant that gets the higher score. With the same author it will subsequently be stipulated a contract for the execution of the project to real dimensions, whose amount will be of 24.000 Euro, included IVA. The second classified will receive a prize of 1500 Euro, included IVA.

All the artists, Spanish or foreigners, can participate to the contest. Every author can introduce only one work, in consistent material, realized in any aesthetical tendency or technique. The work won't exceed the 80 cms. in its maximum dimension and it will have a maximum weight of 60 kgs.

For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities”

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