Deadline: April 30 th 2010
A Spanish foundation announces its IV International Prize of plastic art in which all the artists, of any nationalities or residence, younger than 35 years, can participate,.
Every artist can introduce a maximum of two original works, of free thematic and technique, in one of the following disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, engraving and new disciplines.
Painting: maximum format of 200 x 200 cm. Works protected by glass won’t be admitted. The possible frame won't have to overcome the 8 cms. of thickness. Sculpture. The sculptural works will have to have minimum dimensions of 15 cm. and maximum of 200 cm. Photography. The photos, in colour or in black and white, must be mounted on a rigid support without frame or with a frame of 3 cm. maximum. Minimum format of 50 cm. in any dimension and maximum of 200 cms. Engraving: Any technique of multiple reproduction is admitted. The works will be introduced on a rigid support with metacrilato or with a frame of 3 cm max.

Minimum format of 50 cm. in any side and maximum of 200 cm.

Other disciplines. Installations, mixed disciplines or any other plastic expression are admitted, excepted video or digital format.

The prize amounts to 27.000 Euro (included taxes).

The amount will be divided as it follows:

12.000 Euro of prize-acquisition.

The winning work will be added to the Collection of the organization.

15.000 Euro of budget for the acquisition of other works.

From the received works, the jury will realize a selection of fifteen works that will be exhibited during the month of June in A Coruña at the foundation’s centre and whose inauguration will coincide with the distribution of the prizes on the day 27 May of 2010. A catalogue will be published with the fifteen selected works. For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: http://www.aiesm.com at the section "Opportunities”

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